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In view of broad spread of our country and varying regional constraints, imbalances, expectations and requirements, RCCBs and HRDCs will be better equipped in terms of infrastructure, deployment of human resource, ICT capabilities and other equipments so as to share facilities and play as a role model for human resource development and capacity building in the region.

The functions of a HRDC will be to plan, organise, implement, monitor and evaluate various programmes in collaboration with concerned RCCB on the broad guidelines suggested by Local Programme Planning and Management Committee (LPPMC). In particular, HRDCs will ensure the following
i. To actively collaborate and cooperate with RCCB so as to achieve highest standards of quality and effectiveness of programme delivery
ii. To actively utilise online systems for interactive connectivity with the RCCB and all the HRDCs for fast and effective functional operations and content delivery as detailed under 2 a)-i above
iii. To contribute and share the repository of experts maintained by RCCB for conduction of programmes in HRDCs
iv. To contribute and share multimedia repository of RCCB and other sources as indicated of some of the best content delivered in the at HRDC
v. To set up a documentation-IT enabled centre-cum-library for reference and source materials necessary for the programmes;
vi. To communicate and manage display of advisories to the participants in advance giving the theme, focus and other details about the programmes
vii. To actively cooperate with RCCB in maintenance of an information portal giving all details about programmes planned in the region with names and brief CVs of resource persons and preferably full text or at least ppts with abstract and references of the content proposed to be delivered
viii. To analyse feedback from participants on programme delivered in the HRDC for consistent review for quality enhancement and communicating the same online to RCCB within 15 days from completion of a programme.